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Vision Financial Management

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Vision Blueprint

The Exploration
The Financial
The Professional Assessment™The Planning
  • Why are we here?
  • How does this work?
  • Can we reach our goals?
  • What can we expect?
  • Define our goals?
  • What keeps us up at night?
  • What do we have?
  • Where do we go from here?
  • Wills/trusts?
  • Debt management
  • Homeowners/car insurance
  • Tax issues
  • Plan of attack
  • What, specifically, do we need to do to achieve our long-term objectives?

The Vision Blueprint:

Introduction: Over the last hundred years people have gone to CPA’s for their taxes, investment advisors for their investments, Attorney’s for their Estate Plan and banks to borrow money. But Aren’t they all related? For Example, The way your investments are managed directly impacts the taxes you pay…now and the future. THE VISION BLUEPRINT is a process of discussing what kind of a future you want for yourself, focusing on the assets and income you have available, evaluating the effectiveness of every financial tool you use and then working towards creating an appropriate strategy to get you to the financial future you want!

The Exploration Dialogue

In this, our first meeting, we spend time exploring your goals and dreams and get an overview of your financial picture. We discuss your financial strengths and potential opportunities to improve your finances. You also have the opportunity to find out about the process in more detail and how it could apply to your own situation.

The Financial Focus

You have spent time thinking about your future and utilizing our Financial Focus booklet to really think through what kind of a future you want. You have also gathered an abundance of financial data and brought that with you. We then start to explore your situation, find out what is really important, and get a grasp on what is attainable.

The Professional Assessment

We are joined here by a team of professionals to talk about YOU. We will meet with a CPA, Estate Attorney, Debt Manager, Property and casualty agent, and perhaps some other specialties as needed. The focus of this time will be to look at how all these areas inter relate to your situation and determine if there are any better or more cost efficient ways of organizing your finances.

The Planning Solution

This step entails combining all of the information together and compiling a set of recommendations that are designed to move you to your goals. Next, we figure out if you will have enough money, how much you should save, where you should save it, what kind of return to expect, how to manage debt, how to help protect what you already have and a host of other issues. along the way, we will discuss how certain financial products work so that you are empowered to make a better future for yourself.

The Strategic Review

At Vision Financial Management, we believe that the biggest part of the whole process is our commitment to the Strategic Review. We are constantly monitoring your progress and meeting at least every 6 months to review your progress and determine if any course corrections need to happen. All of this with keeping your goals and dreams in mind and helping you work towards a confident future.