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The Big Tease Webinar - Tuesday 9/29 5:00PM EST

The Big Tease Webinar - Tuesday 9/29 5:00PM EST

| September 29, 2020
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Can Wall Street gurus reliably identify superior investment opportunities? How helpful is the financial media when it highlights such “experts” and covers investing with hype and sensationalism?

Symmetry Partners, a money manager I work with, has put together a webinar hosted by Weston Wellington, Vice President with Dimensional Funds, to help address these questions. The Big Tease offers a light-hearted look at the world of conventional investment advice and suggests that ignoring the experts may be the most fruitful strategy of all…especially during volatile times like these.

In this webinar, we have an opportunity to get some clarity on the markets over time and how what the media reports and what really happens can be very different and surprising.  If you haven't already, I encourage you to register, grab a glass of wine, get comfortable and be prepared to be surprised!

Webinar for Investors:

The Big Tease – Media & Markets

Today at 5 pm ET/2 pm PT

 Please feel free to share the registration links with anyone you think might benefit.

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