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| September 08, 2020
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As many of you know, the Federal Reserve's Open Market Committee has eight scheduled meetings each year when the seven board members review the nation's economic activity and set the federal funds rate's target rate.

In this extraordinary year, the Fed may announce the results of its year-long policy review this month. The Fed's focus has been where Americans might expect examining inflation and employment as the nation recovers from the volatility that followed COVID-19.1,2

In recent scheduled meetings, the Fed has been working to determine its ultimate policy plan, with an emphasis placed on assessing the inflation rate. Fed's inflation target is usually in the neighborhood of 2%, a higher percentage may be desirable, with the ultimate goal being economic growth.1

It's not unusual to have questions or concerns about the Federal Reserve and how its policies may influence economic activity. While they have a significant influence on all other aspects of the economy, a well-considered financial strategy will have many of these factors taken into account. As your financial professional, I look forward to talking with you about any questions you might have.

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Starting Friday, September 11th, our office will return to regular operating hours on Fridays! Please know that we are seeing clients both virtually and in-person to make sure you continue to receive the service you need as safely as possible.

  • We’re using video calls along with phone calls to offer high quality meetings without you needing to leave home
  • We’re also continuing in-person meetings, based on comfort-ability, and taking measures to protect clients and staff during these meetings

Maintaining both medical and financial health for you and your loved ones is always important. At Vision, we’re constantly monitoring and adjusting to make sure we are safely and effectively providing the service you need.

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1., August 4, 2020

2., August 12, 2020

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